Everything falls back into place!
Wisdom is the hostage of knowledge,
getting to know yourself is the true way,
the returned to himself is the winner.
Learned wisdom, true way and
returned to himself — is almighty!

For a long time the secret of rejuvenation — disposal of illnesses, gaining longevity — remained behind a veil of the hidden intrigues and misunderstandings. But time comes, and the secret reveals. Expected and demanded, it comes into the own and rejuvenating, gives pleasure of full-fledged and free life to everyone. The art capable to return to life is put in within the human, and in it his advantage. Decisive factor defining the person — is the person itself. It is necessary to understand and deeply realize that secrecy of the dream of “BODY and SPIRIT revival” doesn’t humiliate your advantage in its embodiment: because what can be stronger than LIFE — only LIFE itself. Each person has a choice, but in which direction? The direction of expected or not? Each person has the right to decide. Human was given mind and with it — his future. You need some character, charisma, aspiration to live — and if you are ready — the way I do.