About our club

One of the main aspects characterizing current uneasy time — universal hobby of internal harmony and improvement of the reeled health. Millions of people look for a solution to depression, uncertainty, misunderstanding of the events, attempt to revitalize themselves with nonconventional methods as the official medicine doesn’t help. A scourge of medicine of the 21st century — handling of each part of the body separately which isn’t meaning an integrated approach to the organism as to the whole interconnected system. Not only ancient, especially east medicine, but also the primogenitor of the modern – Hippocrates considered that the human body — is uniform complete system which includes both soul and a body, handling only as a “set” it is possible to adjust the organism on self-control and fight against diseases.

Oriental martial arts is not only training bodies, muscles at the physical level, but also training of concentration, endurance, patience, self-esteem and strength of mind. Karate – a way of life, directed to understanding of own mission, disclosure of the secret resources hidden in each person and capable to revive both a body and spirit. In the traditional art of karate the spirit must be developed first, then comes the art of fight and a body developing. The mental basis, harmony of the internal and external give the opportunity to correctly adjust an organism on development of the inner potential given to each of us at the birth.

This project of fitness center is based on 40 years’ experience of oriental martial arts of the Great Master who is skillfully owning art of karate-shotokan, aikido, kendo, a tamishivara tai-sobaki, the owner of a black belt and the fourth international dan, Yury Levonovich Vadiyan who is also the author to the unique improving and strengthening technique which already presented the feeling of confidence, spiritual freedom and real disposal of physical and internal diseases to tens people.

Strong discipline, kindness, friendliness, sincerity, readiness to help each other and some other fine qualities — are the main postulates ruling in the spirit of Oriental martial arts.