The improving gymnastics «For youth and longevity»


The set of exercises offered on this DVD is developed by the Master of Oriental Martial Arts, the owner of a black belt of Shotokan karate – Yury Vadiyan specially for those who wants to revitalize and strengthen their body: young people will multiply their energy and working capacity, aged persons will get rid of indispositions and will feel themselves by decades younger. The complex of exercises is unique first of all, because the set of techniques allows to load all groups of muscles serially which, is impossible to do on any machine or in a gym. When performing exercises the muscles work with the maximum loading, forcing the body to pull itself together and function at full capacity which, neutralizes consequences of the wrong inactive lifestyle and revitalizes the whole body. These exercises improve blood circulation and performance of cardiovascular system, stabilize blood pressure, increase elasticity of muscles and joints, improve coordination of movements, strengthen immunity. One of the key tricks in achieving of such good results is the fact that exact and accurate following to the technique of performance of exercises will demand maximal concentration of one’s consciousness on using the correct position and technique which, multiplies the brain’s ability to control the state and performance of certain muscles and organs finally, the body as the whole. Self-control and self-discipline, not the physical condition alone, is underlying the success of this method.