The School Today

Currently Yury Levonovich gives classes of shotokan karate, consisting of 14 people for the adults in Budapest at the Iron Fist karate club.

Every student shows persistent desire and readiness to make his contribution by provide assistance in compliance to one’s possibilities, connections and knowledge to organization and implementation of different tasks related to the project.


The idea of independent school of martial arts arose in 2002. There is a lot of people here in Budapes who is aware of need of good physical development and improvement. The need of creation of an independent center, a school is immeasurably more, than personal development in martial arts or health improvement. A powerful social base should connect people by such common things like aspiration to health, self-development, communication and friendship.

Our school of Martial Arts has deeply defensive character, respecting person’s authority and dignity. Cast-iron discipline, kindness, friendliness, sincerity, readiness to help each other and more other fine qualities – that’s what we call «in the spirit of oriental martial arts». We have opportunity to give to people health, pleasure healthy life and energy!