The school of health-improving art “Revival of Body and Spirit”

Being engaged in trainer’s work, being the real teacher and the great master of oriental martial arts, at the same time Yury Levonovich acquired and studied also other important component aspects of the ancient eastern methods and techniques: Hatha yoga, autogenic trainings, meditations. Having found unique knowledge and experience Yury Levonovich willy-nilly helped the pupils with full disposal of many psychological and physical illnesses which became the cause and opportunity to connect all the knowledge and opportunities in the uniform system of the general health-improvement capable to restore and mobilize all hidden potentials of human body and to direct them onto self-healing of the organism. There is no person among pupils who would tell that the Master didn’t help him! There are testimonies of tens real people who – thanks to classes with Yury Levonovich – could get rid of the illnesses, improve their general energy level and increase immunity. Movies and interviews about activity and efficiency of techniques of Yury Levonovich were shot by some television channels, articles were published in local Russian and Hungarian newspapers, which helps to interest more and more people in schools of the Great Master.

The offered technique of trainings guarantees the following changes in health and the general condition of the participant:

  • Increase of vigor and working capacity by several times
  • Improvement of the immunity
  • Disposal of insomnia, chronic fatigue, nervousness
  • Stabilization of blood pressure, blood circulatory system, cardiovascular system
  • Increase of elasticity of joints and muscles, disposal of rheumatic illnesses and complaints
  • Correction of coordination of movements
  • Optimal load level to all groups of muscles
  • Finding of a precise mind, peace of mind and healthy self-confidence

Individual health-improving classes

If the patient posseses any chronic diseases, illnesses Yury Levonovich after the personal interview will develop individual schedule coordinated with the patient.

Health-improving classes in groups

  • Carrying out improving training classes for staff of the companies and various organizations conducting a sedentary life during the work
  • Carrying out improving training classes for school students with deviations of various kind